6 Instagram Tricks for Better Stories

6 Instagram Tricks for Better Instagram Stories

Within this article, you will find six Instagram tricks for improving Instagram stories which will engage your viewers.

Want to find out about some hidden Instagram Stories tools?

6 Instagram Tricks for Better Stories

#1: Customize Font Colors

To add text to your Instagram stories, tap on the Aa icon at the top-right corner when you upload or take a photo or video to your narrative.

From the computer keyboard that opens, select from a range of colours.  There are in fact infinite colour options! Scroll to the best on the colour choices to see two more pages of preselected colours to pick from.


But your choices don’t stop there!  You have two more ways to select the ideal font colour.

To begin with, you can tap and hold some of the preselected colour options.  This opens a colour bar which allows you to decide on the perfect colour from anywhere on the colour spectrum.


Second, you can tap the colour dropper icon to the left of this colour bubbles.  This will take you from this keyboard screen and place a colour dropper in the middle of your image.

Tap anywhere on your picture to perfectly fit the colour on that pixel of the screen.  Once you pick the colour, you’re taken back to the keyboard screen to include your text in the colour you selected.

When you match your font or doodle colours to your brand colours, you can augment your branding within your stories.  

#2: Change Font or Pen Sizes

After you add text or use the pen features in Instagram Stories, these tools default to mid-range dimensions and thickness.  

To adjust both, simply use the slider on the left side of the screen. Slide the circle up to make fonts bigger or pens thicker.

Slide the circle down to make fonts or pens smaller skinnier.

#3: Make a Solid-Color Background 

Sometimes you might choose to share something to your Instagram but don’t want to use a picture.  Maybe you don’t have a good picture for this purpose, or don’t want to have an image to divert from the text and message you post.  In such conditions, a straightforward solid-colour background can be the best solution.

To create a solid-colour background, take a photograph of anything.  It will not matter since the image will be covered up, but you need to start the story design by taking a photograph.  After you take the photo, tap the pencil icon near the peak of the screen and choose a colour for your background. Then tap and hold anywhere on the display and the colour you selected will fill out the screen.

Tap the checkmark to save the colour selection.  Then continue with your own editing with the addition of text, stickers, or doodles.

#4: Build Text through Consecutive Articles 

In case you have a great deal of text to share and want to ensure it doesn’t get missed, look at developing a run of sequential articles to construct an extra text.  Each narrative image plays for just approximately 7 seconds so viewers do not have time to read a great deal of text.

To prevent this, set a little bit of text onto a plain background or picture and upload that to your narrative.  Ensure that you save the article to your mobile device. (You can turn this on as an automated setting or tap Save before uploading the article.)

Then start a new story post.  In the photo gallery icon at the base of the screen, select the image you just shared.  Insert the next bit of text to this picture, and save and upload. Continue this procedure until you’ve added all of the text you want. 

#5: Turn Photos Into Videos

As I just mentioned, images play for about 7 seconds on Instagram Stories. Videos, though, can play up to 15 seconds.  If you would like to keep your text or picture on the screen longer, craft your picture and turn it into a video. You can add animations or music to stand out even more.

An account that uses this strategy really well is E! News.  View their stories to determine how they share amusement information updates in a cohesive narrative but add music and design elements to turn their photos into videos.

Utilizing videos instead of photos may also enhance your engagement.  Videos with music or audio parts are more likely to capture the interest of your viewers as they move through the stories in their own feed.

#6: Prove Portions of a Picture Behind a Colored Background

The eraser tool supplies a fun approach to combine a photo and a solid background.  To achieve this effect, begin a brand new story with a picture you want to use. Then use the pen tool to create a solid foundation colour as described previously.

Activate the pen feature again and select the eraser icon.  Then draw anywhere on the display in which you would like to remove the background colour to reveal the image behind it.


As you can see, Instagram offers a number of features that will help you create unique and well-branded articles for your stories. 

What do you think?  Are you really going to test any of these tricks in your Instagram stories?  Have you got any other creative tips to share? Please share your ideas or hints in the comments below.