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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram followers and likes?

Instagram is a social networking website that allows its users to upload photos and videos applied with filters and share them with their followers.
Many users buy Instagram followers to have a decent following for their Instagram accounts.

Instagram has been a major success for various individuals as well as companies and it continues to grow daily adding new features which makes it one of the most successful social networking platforms today.

Instagram similar to other social networking platforms allows you to post a story on your timeline that will be shown to your followers. The stories can also be made public or private depending on user preferences.

It is a more mobile-friendly social network and just like any other network you can follow, tag, like, view and comment with other users on Instagram.

Why should I buy Instagram followers?

The benefits of having a huge following over Instagram are endless. If you have a good number of followers on your Instagram then you can become an influencer, make trends and even make decent money out of it if used properly.

Gaining Instagram followers can be very beneficial for both individuals & companies.

Does having more followers help personal profiles?

Benefits of Instagram followers for Users/Individuals

1. You Can Make Money
You can always turn your Instagram account into a money-making business. Advertisers and marketers continuously look for new mediums to reach out to new markets. If you have a huge following over Instagram it is highly likely for an advertiser to contact you for promoting their product or service. Many users with a high number of followers get paid for posting promotional content on their Instagram account.

2. Attract More Clients
Getting more clients is a very crucial aspect of any business. Freelancer or individuals often face difficulties in getting more clients. But if you have a good amount of followers on your Instagram then you can convert them into your potential customers as they already interact with your content and have a liking towards it.

3. Become an Influencer
Instagram Influencer is a very common term these days. Many users are taking benefits of having a good following over there Instagram accounts and using this fame for profit. Becoming an influencer opens up a whole new set of opportunities and growth options for a user.

4. Become a Trend
If you have a decent following then your posts are more likely to be noticed by more people. Better engagements and proper hashtags can help you in boosting your post to newer audiences and becoming a trend.

5. Gain More Followers
An Instagram account with a good following will automatically attract new users to become followers. If you have a good following then users are more likely to engage with your content and turn into followers.

Will this get my account banned?

Ofcourse not! Profilegram only used real accounts and real networks to boost your profiles. We care about our clients and wish to build  a lasting relationship. We will never use any means that may endanger your account safety.

Is it beneficial for companies to buy followers?

Benefits of Instagram followers for a Company/Business

1. Better Brand Awareness
Brand awareness means the extent to which a customer can remember, recall or recognize the brand. Having a good following will help in generating more brand awareness and will help the business with increasing their potential customer base.

2. More Brand Visibility
Having a good following over Instagram would mean more engagements and views for your posts. New users will be attracted and Brand visibility will increase which will in turn help with sales and generating more revenue which is the primary motive of any firm.

3. More Consideration
Having a huge following means having a good social presence in the online market. Customers will consider your brand more if you have good followers count on your Instagram account.

4. Reach More Customer Base
Apart from your existing customer base Instagram allows you to reach out to a larger and wider audience and gain more followers. You can set the demographics and reach out to the audiences favoured for your business.

5. Marketing Ease
With a huge Instagram following one can market their business much easily and effectively. Launching new products or introducing new features can be very easy as you can reach out to your entire audience by one post in a matter of seconds.

Why choose us?

We are not the only providers of Instagram followers over the web. Many websites are selling Instagram followers but most of them are not able to deliver on their promises. Unlike others, we don’t use bot accounts or illegal means to help you gain more followers.

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Profilegram is the first website that offers one-click purchase. You just need to enter your details and finish the payment after which we will begin adding followers in 1-2 hours.


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