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High Quality Likes
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram Likes?

Instagram is growing rapidly and people need to buy Instagram likes more than ever now to stay in the tech-savvy business game and compete with their competitors having a huge Instagram following.

Instagram is a picture based social media networking platform where users post content in the form of pictures and videos on their profiles or stories and their followers interact with the content in the form of Instagram Likes.

Likes show the likability of your content and how well the users engaged with it. A like is given when a user likes your content and clicks on the like button to show his/her appreciation.

What are different types of Instagram likes?

Types of Instagram Likes

1. Instagram Photo Likes
2. Instagram Video Likes

Instagram Photo Likes

On Instagram users upload new photos every day and their followers interact with the content in the form of Likes. The more the number of likes on a photo the higher will be its reach. Higher reach will attract new users to follow and engage with the content making it viral. People tend to buy Instagram photo likes to help them become a celebrity.

Instagram Video Likes

Instagram introduced video posts a few years ago and it took the platform to a new height with a new audience base and much more better engagements. Videos generally perform better than any photo or image post and attract more reach and engagements. Users buy Instagram video likes for their video posts to make their videos viral and reach out to more people.

Why should I buy Instagram likes?

Benefits of purchasing Instagram Likes

1. Competitive Advantage
Business owners and companies buy Instagram likes in order to have a competitive advantage over their rivals. Having more followers and likes create a positive brand image and helps the business to differentiate itself as a brand from its nearest competitors.

2. Better Organic Traffic
Instagram has a very wide audience base and hence is a very important traffic source for any company. Companies take advantage of Instagram by purchasing more likes and followers to generate better organic traffic for their pages and website.

3. Improved Online Presence
In the fearsome competitive world that is present out there today, it is very important for any business big or small to have an online presence. People are using digital mediums for their daily tasks and needs and if you buy Instagram followers or likes then your company will have a better online presence attracting more consumers for your brand.

4. Ease in Promotions
By selecting one of our likes package and getting more Instagram likes on your photo or video posts you can promote your products & services with ease. With a good follower base and engagement rate Instagram will place your posts higher and show it to more people which will help any company with their product promotions etc.

5. Better Conversions
Companies having a high number of followers and likes over their Instagram pages generally have a better rate of conversion and generate more leads than other companies in a day. Having more likes and followers increases the chance for conversion and helps your brand in making the most out of social media game.

How long does it take?

We are proudly the fastest Instagram likes provider on the web. As soon as you make the purchase and finish the payment we will begin processing your order and the likes will start getting added.

Why choose Profilegram?

For any business looking to buy Instagram likes or followers, it is very important to make a purchase from a Reliable & Trustworthy provider. Without Quality, nothing can be achieved and that’s where we come into the picture.

We Offer One-Click Purchase and Instant Delivery for Instagram likes.

We do not take or collect any passwords in any form and We have been known to be the leading Instagram boosting service providers since our inception.

What information do I need to provide?

We do not require any password to deliver your order.

You just need to provide your post url/link and your email. We care about our customers safety and therefore do not ask them to share access to their accounts in any manner.


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