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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram views?

Sale and purchase of Instagram views have been a very known phenomenon. Users and business owners both buy Instagram views regularly to get that initial boost for their posts. Initial engagements help the post in reaching out to more people and thus getting viral instantly.

Instagram views are the number of times your post has been watched by a user. Views can be counted on two content types namely Instagram video views.

Instagram has added many new features including Instagram stories in the past years and focused more on the video format but despite all these Instagram pictures are still very popular and the views on these pictures are still very relevant.

People are adopting new ways and practices to gain more views over their Instagram videos by recreating funny videos or posting online social challenge videos.

If you are looking to get that initial buzz and set the stage for your video/picture posts then buy Instagram views to gain more popularity and stand out.

Why should I buy Instagram views?

Instagram has emerged from a photo-based social platform to more video-centric social media platform. However, the benefits of the number of views on your pictures or videos have not decreased.

Instagram Views can be very beneficial for Branding and Marketing for a business/company.

What are the benefits of purchasing views?

Benefits of Instagram Views on Stories for Brands

Instagram views are not an alternative for Instagram likes but they also a very crucial role in the growth of your Instagram page. More views and engagements help your brand in reaching out to more audience and gaining more followers easily.

1. Event Awareness
While covering an event many pictures get clicked and it’s not very wise to bombard your audience with all the pictures at once. This is where Instagram stories come into the place where you can post your entire event in the form of pictures and videos and gain more Brand Awareness for your brand as well as reach out to your audience as well as potential new audiences.

2. Better Content Reach
The more regularly you post on Instagram stories the better the chances for your brand to grow your content reach. Consistency and quality is the key to Instagram marketing and having decent Instagram views over your stories will help you in attaining better reach counts.

3. Launch New Products
Instagram can be used by brands for launching new products and showcase it over their Instagram Page to generate a buzz before the official launch date. By buying more Instagram views brands ensure higher reach for their posts which means better marketing for their products.

4. Better Conversion Rates
Instagram views over stories generate a higher conversion rate in terms of purchases or leads than any image or picture post with likes. Views are never to be underestimated and purchasing views along with your marketing efforts result in faster Instagram growth.

Why choose Profilegram?

We offer One Click Purchase and have the best user interface when it comes to purchasing Instagram views online. Having years of experience we don’t use any BOT or ILLEGAL means to boost your Instagram stories.

Reliable service providers since our inception. We provide Instant delivery and constant customer support to all our clients round the clock.
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Will my account get banned?

Of course not! Profilegram only used real accounts and real networks to boost your profiles. We care about our clients and wish to build a lasting relationship. We will never use any means that may endanger your account safety.

How long does it take for views to be added?

Profilegram is the first website that offers one-click purchase. You just need to enter your details and finish the payment after which we will begin adding views to your videos within 1-2 hours.


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